“Nehledím na kvantitu,
ale vyžaduji kvalitu.”
Provádíme servis a údržbu

We specialize in the supply (sale) of new machines, spare parts, used construction equipment and service of construction equipment. We can provide professional installation and training for all products offered. We assume that the things we offer are perfectly controlled and we want them to work as they should. 

NEW ! 

The best oil is based on experience and an approach to perfection. Pakelo manufactures over 1000 different products. If you are looking for a really distinctive automotive oil, engine oil, industrial oil or heavy traction oil, you are at the right place. We are authorized dealers for the Czech Republic.

 Sale of technical equipment :

walking excavators, tilting rotators, demolition hammers, grapples, demolition pliers and shears, screening buckets, mining buckets, ripping mandrels, quick couplers, pile drivers, drills, wood splitters, mulchers and special accessories.


teeth, blades, complete crawler chassis and their parts – chains, belt plates, rubber belts, travel tires, support pulleys, drive and guide wheels, travel hydraulic motors, pins, bushings. Furthermore, filters, oils, filtration of organic oils and transitions to organic oils.


We provide service for Euromach walking excavators, overhaul of the chassis, overhaul of the arms and chassis, overhaul of hydraulic hammers, repairs of traction motors and gearboxes, repairs of hydraulic systems. Further repairs of starters, alternators. Filling with air conditioning.

We are authorized dealers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia for companies

We are contractually independent resellers for companies

  • GEITH  (quick couplings, buckets, folding heads)
  • WEYCOR (wheel loaders, road rollers)
  • GEEL   (buckets, folding heads, quick couplers, wood splitters, tree shears, grapples)
  • ALL-KOR CO (demolition hammers, pliersdemolition )
  • OMEF (tree shears, mulchers, lawn mowers, wood splitters)
  • KOMPLET  (crushers, sorters )
  • CM (crushing with a spoon, stirring with a spoon )
  • Radlinger (tilting heads)